Split in Two (when no decision is a decision)

  June 21, 2019 Dear Friends, My sister Marilyn recently traveled to Scotland and sent me a photo of the "Praying Hands of Mary" (see photo above) which is located in the longest glen of Scotland, Glen Lyon.  It is also known as "Fionn's Rock" and the legend is that Celtic hero Fionn MacCumhaill (Finn … Continue reading Split in Two (when no decision is a decision)

Even the Desert Blooms

I recently left the California Coachella Valley just when it was awash in beauty, blossoms, and color.  This phenomenon ~ when the desert is richly carpeted in thousands of wildflowers ~ is called a "Super Bloom". It happens when a late fall monsoon occurs followed by cold temperatures that lock in moisture. These conditions prepare … Continue reading Even the Desert Blooms