Introducing the 2020 Ultimate Cleanse!

Dear Friends, Going through a recent move got me thinking about what an ultimate cleanse might look like. In general, participating in cleanses or fasting is not my thing, unless forced into it by a colonoscopy appointment 🙀 and then I go into a mini meltdown because I can't stand the idea of not eating … Continue reading Introducing the 2020 Ultimate Cleanse!

The Bliss and Blessings of Five Mile Hikes

Dear Friends, I left the wildflowers and super bloom of the Coachella Valley in late February to spend some time in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was tax time; therefore, it was my task to not only get my taxes done but to get them done for my Mother.  So, why not stay awhile … Continue reading The Bliss and Blessings of Five Mile Hikes