Intelligent Disobedience (How to be a happy contrarian)

For many years I drove a portion of the Pacific Coast Highway every evening on my way home, and would regularly come upon scenes matching the opening photo. I felt very blessed, of course, and in my imagination, dark clouds partially obscuring the glory of the sun were a metaphor. It symbolized, for me, that … Continue reading Intelligent Disobedience (How to be a happy contrarian)

Soaring with Eagles ~ (A Kid’s Dream)

🍀"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."  (Helen Keller)🍀 I would like to veer off in a different direction and dedicate this St. Patrick's Day blog to my firstborn grandson, 14 year old Donovan, and share about his aspirations and recent accomplishment.  Perhaps parents and grandparents will relate to my being especially proud of … Continue reading Soaring with Eagles ~ (A Kid’s Dream)