A DNA Story: Part Two with More Surprises!

Life is beautiful...and full of surprises Dear Friends, It became abundantly clear that my August blog regarding DNA discoveries needed a part two. Key parts of the story were missing (I didn’t want to inundate readers with too much dramatic detail all at once). I'm back to tie up loose ends and share another twist … Continue reading A DNA Story: Part Two with More Surprises!


Dear Friends, I stepped off a plane on Friday May 29 anxious to see my family and new grandson who was born Sunday March 22. Jamey was growing fast and I couldn't wait to meet him before he started high school, ha ha. San Francisco International Airport was like a ghost town - I felt … Continue reading FAITH IS GREATER THAN FEAR

Soaring with Eagles ~ (A Kid’s Dream)

🍀"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."  (Helen Keller)🍀 I would like to veer off in a different direction and dedicate this St. Patrick's Day blog to my firstborn grandson, 14 year old Donovan, and share about his aspirations and recent accomplishment.  Perhaps parents and grandparents will relate to my being especially proud of … Continue reading Soaring with Eagles ~ (A Kid’s Dream)