Seeking Grace (and the Last Supermoon of 2020)

May 7, 2020

Dear Friends and Readers,

A good friend sent me a text this morning asking if she had missed my April blog and wondered if I were taking a break.  She wrote, “I know that writing a blog takes emotional effort and energy, but I’m a Swooning Grace fan and I’ll be waiting for you.”  How sweet and supportive, but it’s true….I’ve deliberately delayed sitting down and pouring my heart and soul down on “paper”.  My heart has been on retreat and I’ve been pouring my energy in other directions.  Don’t ask me what those directions are for I might not be able to explain, but I can try.

My heart has turned inward because I can get overwhelmed and feel a bit powerless, especially when the world changes over night.  All the authority, rulings, mandates, directives, laws, that are out of my control ~ I turn over to a Higher Power.  Do I handle my powerlessness easily or with grace – not always, but I get points for trying.  I do know that Nature is the final arbiter of all things; we can feign control over Her forces, but we are like putty in Her hands.


Nature is all powerful. Observe the beauty even in the arid desert caused by no human hand.

Falling into protective arms:

In the last seven weeks, I made a point of sitting down in quiet to communicate with the God of my understanding.  This is the gift that I come away with.  I had a memory of being a Catholic school senior going on retreat in 1972 and one of the exercises was of trust.  We were asked to turn our back to the person behind us and fall into his/her arms.  As someone who does not like to be out of control, an exercise like this might lead me to hyperventilate (I’ve been known to do this on roller coasters; no more coasters for me!).  My memory of the retreat tells me that after some hesitation, I fell back into waiting arms and lived through the experience. 🙂

Yet, this is exactly what I feel I’ve had to do lately.  Fall back and hope God catches me.  I call it “Falling Inside.”  Trusting that all my fears, emotions, anxieties boiling over in my heart will be captured by loving arms.  I’ve had to give up all control to the Power that runs this universe.  This is the positive that has come out of my time of confinement – no more putting on the back burner good intentions of having a regular spiritual practice.  It became do or die.  I got the message loud and clear; if I were to cope, I would have to turn to a power greater than myself.

I’ve also been seeking GRACE, anywhere I can find it.  One definition of Grace is “the free and unmerited favor of God”.  Yes, that kind of Grace is a gift, but I do find it in Nature and in random acts of kindness, and in some rare moments, I have felt Grace suffuse my inner being (thus my blog title, Swooning Grace).  I sat in earnest and prayed.  I felt as if I were joining hands with people who were hurting all over the world.  Over 33 million Americans lost their jobs during this time, with economists warning today that over 40% of those job losses could become permanent.  Where is Grace to be found?  It is a personal journey each one of us must go on to find respite in the cave of our hearts.

My Three Graces statue

Enter the Three Graces:

The Three Graces sculpture is an iconic and enduring piece of art. The three goddesses from Greek mythology represent radiance, joy and flowering. They are also said to personify charm, grace and beauty.  The Graces were especially popular in Renaissance art.  If you take a look at Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus,” the figure on the right is a lone Grace ready to offer the emerging, naked Venus a robe to cover her modesty.


Grace is a family name and as a result, the Graces statue possesses significance for my family and me.

My Mom, Mary Therese Grace, a personification of beauty holding a friend

My mother-in-law Jeanette also has a Three Graces statue that’s been in her family for a long time.

My Mother-in-Law Jeanette is also the personification of  grace and beauty

The word grace takes on special meaning not only because it’s my Mother’s maiden name and my middle name, but also for all the lovely and divine connotations placed on the word itself, and its enduring portrayal in art and history.

My sisters and I have imbibed a lot of strength from the Three Graces motif, and have dubbed ourselves The Three Graces.  There used to be four, but that’s a long story I would prefer to put aside.  Suffice to say, there’s three of us right now and we are sticking together like glue.

Three Graces:  Susan, Linda, Marilyn

We’ve been through a lot together and weathered many storms, and are as different as night and day (which is perfectly natural), and we each have our own unique traits and strengths.  If I were to assign a heavenly trait conferred over the centuries to the Graces, I’d give Linda the trait of Charm; for Marilyn, I would give Joy.   Linda rarely says a cross word and thinks the best of everyone; she loves whales, art and dance. Marilyn is a seeker and grabs life with all gusto and loves travel, especially to historical sacred sites.   As the oldest of the sisters, I might grab the Radiance epithet.  Why?  Because that is what I am constantly seeking –  the radiant spark of the Divine that exists in all of us.  It’s the prime mover and catalyst for writing this blog ~ to share spirituality with others.

My sisters have stuck by me through thick and thin; they knew I took on the mantel of matriarch after our Father died, when it was never anything I actively sought.  Like the middle figure in the statue, I am held up and consoled by the love and support of my sisters.

Here we are in better times in February when they visited me in Palm Desert for a sisters retreat:

Children and Grace:

I have a grandson who sought relief recently from a tempest.  His father informed me that he and his sister had quarreled, and Emmett went running off into the woods.

When Dad found Emmett, he was sitting on a rock with hands held in prayer.  Dad asked “What are you doing?”  Emmett replied that he was praying and meditating.  He went onto say that he was talking to God, but he didn’t think that God heard his prayers, because the Texas bugs were so noisy!

If that doesn’t tug at your heartstrings, I don’t know what could.  This is a moment of grace, seeing my grandson turn inward, towards God and prayer, when he was in the midst of a little personal crisis.

Early March: Teaching the grandkids how to access inner strength. But really to get them to calm down and stop running around and screaming.  Nana needed some quiet. 🙂

Who’s worried?  Not me, says young Jamey who’s enjoying the bliss of a restful slumber and a good dream!  Of course, this little face would melt the hardest of hearts!  In 22 days, I’ll be holding him and I can’t wait!


Nature is pure grace:

I’ve also had surprising moments of finding grace in beautiful blooms that pop out at me during a stroll.  A softer side of hubby is exemplified by the fact that he loves flowers and makes a point of taking me on walks just to point them out! Who could ever feel blue while basking in the glory of the brilliant colors of these cactus blooms or the hibiscus (the boldest of color and largest I’ve ever seen):

I have also found Grace lately in watching many mother ducklings with their babies. Nature always finds a way to pursue life and regeneration! My husband Dan and I came too close to a mama duck recently and she chased us down, squawking loudly and menacingly.  We tried to get out of her way but she still came after us.  It wasn’t until Dan turned around and stood his ground and waved his arms, that she relented and returned to her babies.  Gotta love that spirit!

The Last Supermoon of 2020:

Who would skip out on the luminescent grace of the last supermoon of 2020?   It will still be powerful tonight and tomorrow.  A supermoon refers to a full moon that comes closest to the earth in its orbit.  This May 7th super moon is also a “Flower Moon” because it coincides with the robust blooms of spring.

There are so many intentions blooming in my heart, and in the hearts of billions of people on this gorgeous planet, and I find kinship with each and everyone of them who are seeking grace and solace in silence, nature and prayer.  If these terrific times have forced us to reexamine, reassess and reboot, then perhaps nothing will have been in vain, as it never is!

My heart goes out to hubby who’s been by my side for 40 years – I couldn’t imagine enduring this quarantine experience without you!

Cart rides got us out in the fresh air which we both needed!

May you find peace in your heart, and nurture trust and hope for a glorious, radiant future!

May God bless you and yours each and every single day.

With love and faith,

Susan Grace


31 thoughts on “Seeking Grace (and the Last Supermoon of 2020)

  1. Hi, Susan – Kudos to your friend who texted you and prompted you to publish this post. I’ve been missing your blog as well.
    As usual, I was greatly moved by your deep and insightful reflections.
    And those stories and pictures of your grandchildren — truly heartwarming!
    Wishing peace, trust and a radiant future right back to you.
    Warm hugs my friend!

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    • Dear Donna,

      You’ll laugh when you hear that it’s a friend I met here at Sun City who resides half the year in Nevada, who started her day out by contacting me with a Good Morning, where’s your blog! You meet the nicest people here at Sun City, and sometimes you meet a special person and it turns out they are only renting a vacation home. Darn! 🙂 I still remember fondly the Good Morning we shared.

      Various themes, photos and anecdotes all seemed to come together for this piece. I wasn’t sure they would, so I did delay sitting down and even trying. I don’t think I trust myself enough or the process at times; and I’ve been like that ever since college when I would dred, dred, dred sitting down and writing a paper. The tortured writer that you and I talked about. But something keeps tugging at me and the writing is therapeutic and is a creative outlet.

      Today a Sun City friend noted how we are kind of in a bubble here in Sun City. I hope you feel the same way on Vancouver Island – it sounds so magical. But of course, I have great compassion for anyone who is suffering right now.

      I so appreciate, as always, your kind words and support.



    • Mr. Donny,

      Wow, I love it that you stopped by and commented! It always is a pleasure when family members read and comment. I love you so much and I can’t wait to see you and also have you here at the desert.

      Your Nana


  2. So many of us are experiencing emotions we are not used to. I, the eternal optimist, am often feeling sad and worried about the future. Just this morning I said to my husband that I needed something to look forward to. I’m not sure what that will be, but I’ll figure it out. You are so lucky to have sisters that you are close to. I have two brothers… and I love them both, but it’s just not the same. I love how you and your sisters have embraced the name The Three Graces… it’s perfect.

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    • Dear Janis,

      Thank you so much for reading! We’ve all been on an emotional roller coaster that is for sure. And as I said in the blog, I hyperventilate on roller coasters, ha ha. Yet, like everyone else in this boat, I’m trying to ride that wave each and every day and see where it takes me, and where it takes humanity.

      I can understand worry and sadness – these are not only natural human emotions but very understandable at this time. I have a friend (a MFT counselor) and she’s big on sitting with all the feelings, and moving through resistance to see where you land. I always love that – it is counter-intuitive (face and FEEL the fear) but it usually helps me to get past blocks.

      When you find your something to look forward to, let me know. I know it will come – it always does to eternal optimists like you. As long as I can get outside and breathe fresh air and ride my bike, I’m managing to get through this Ground Hog movie come to life. I’m keeping one eye on the present and the other eye on a radiant sunset of hope. I am also counting down the days I get to see my new grandson who’s in the Bay Area. Come hell or high water I’m getting there! I’ve got my plane ticket for the end of May so I guess I was a bit optimistic things might be looking up for California by the end of May, so that keeps me going. Plus, I also need to see my 89 year old Mother who just went through a bad bout with Afib. She’s better now but I want to see her and relieve my sister of some of the duties for the two weeks I’ll be there.

      Re sisters – we fought like cats and dogs growing up, but we are super close now. I know another set of 3 sisters and they do nothing together like I do with my sisters so I am going to count my blessings. It’s not that we see each other all the time, but we talk a lot and make an effort to schedule things like a lunch, a hike, or a trip. It was my sister Marilyn’s first visit to the desert and it was a blessing to have her here along with Linda who’s visited many times, at least once a year. She calls it her spa resort.

      Sorry for my long response – I guess I’m feeling a bit lonely and needed to chat 🙂


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      • I hope that you are able to see your gorgeous grandchild and your mother as planned. I don’t know if I’d be comfortable getting on a plane anytime soon but the Bay Area is only a long drive away. I’ve made that drive tons of times – although I prefer to stop halfway (pre-virus).

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      • Dear Janis,

        Thank you so much for this latest comment. I’ve got sciatica so driving by myself for 8 hours straight isn’t in the cards right now. I love my Alaskan Airlines and I don’t want to see them go under; I flew with them on March 19 and came away just fine, and I don’t have a lot of fear surrounding my next trip slated for late May to mid June. Of course I endeavor to be smart and make informed decisions, but I don’t want fear to paralyze me either.

        Take good care and always nice to hear from you!

        Bless you,


  3. Like you, Dear Friend, I’m hopeful that each of us, through this period of uncertainty and quarantine, are able to “reexamine, reassess and reboot,” and grow in “grace” through the very adversity that was meant to harm us.

    Thank you for your heartfelt blog. I always enjoy your photos and reading your family stories.


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    • Thank YOU dear friend for encouraging to write this. I really wanted to get it out on the day of the last Supermoon of 2020, feeling somehow that it was auspicious timing, but I don’t think I would have done it without your encouragement and nudging! The ideas I wrote about had been simmering in my mind and heart for a month or so. I just couldn’t sit down to do it. I pretty much locked myself in a room, ha ha and hubby Dan also lent encouragement. It takes hours and hours to write and I get so absorbed in it but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! I’m retired so I do have some time on my hands 🙂

      There were small things I forgot, and I saw I used the same word in a sentence twice (yes I am anal! ha ha) and I realized that I should have included a photo of my Mom – had it not been for her, the Grace theme would not have been on my radar. I can go back in and edit and add my Mom, and I’ll try to do that this weekend. Yet, I’m still glad I got the blog out when I did.

      I think we are all trying to cope with a situation that we’ve never seen in our lifetime. It certainly is not easy and many days I think I’m in an Orwellian nightmare and I want to wake up and have it “like it used to be.”

      I’m hanging in there, day by day, one minute at a time, just like you and I’m keeping prayer up. It’s great to have your friendship throughout!

      Love ya,


  4. I’ve been wondering how you were doing, having not seen a word from you lately. Considering how life is now, I worry when I don’t see/hear/read from someone for a while. I like your line: “so many intentions blooming in my heart.” You’ve summed up beautifully what I’ve been feeling as I watch the world change dramatically and permanently before my eyes. I’m hanging on tightly to the good people and positive bits of life that I can, while accepting this is a new reality.

    Your focus on Grace made me smile, btw. Each morning my prayer is to be filled with “grace, gratitude, grit, and grins.” I call them my 4Gs. Stay safe, be well.

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    • Dear Ally,

      I am very moved by your kind comment and recognition that I was being somewhat of a hermit, at least writing-wise. I really did want to sit down and write but couldn’t pull up the energy. As I wrote on March 31, in “Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying,” it was enough to simply give myself a few tasks each day to accomplish and *no more*! One would think I would have all the time in the world, but as my friend noted, it takes emotional energy to write a blog and I do pour a lot of myself into it.

      This most recent one took me about 5 hours on an afternoon and I still didn’t get it the way I wanted to. Normally I spend over 8 hours over a span of a couple of days trying to get the blog the way I want. It’s due to the fact that I am trying to create a long poem or a painting, and each blog for me is like a little child I’ve brought into the world. I linger over every word trying to paint the picture that is coming up from the depths of my heart.

      Also, if you have a moment go back to the blog and see the photo of my Mom that I added. I realized in my haste to publish on an auspicious day I forgot to include the most important Grace of all – my Mom!! I almost thought of writing a postscript to this post that included the photo of my Mom and a few thoughts about her, but then I simply decided to edit this one.

      I absolutely love your 4 G’s; they are absolutely perfect and encompasses everything that IMHO counts when it comes to getting through this thing called LIFE.

      You always have such amazing things to say and share. Thank you.


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      • Dear Ally

        Thanks for going back to look at the photo of my Mom. I wish I could have gotten that inserted from the get-go, but as you know the process of writing is far from perfect! I like to think that the photo of my Mom was taken on Valentine’s Day, but I have no idea. I just know that she loves to color coordinate, and people often stop her and ask to take a photo of her, OR ask her if she was a model or actress. I get such a kick out of hearing that.

        Bless you always,


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  5. Hi Susan, I always sit down comfortably with my heart open when I begin reading a post from you.

    Then I began reading and your opening paragraph focuses in on our “heart.” No kidding. I typed my first sentence before I began reading.

    You and your wise friend are right on about “emotional effort and energy.”

    The other word you bring to the foreground is “trust.” Towards the end of last year the word “trust” had been surfacing. I did not aim for a word of the year, yet, my intention in yoga class was always “trust” on many levels. “Trust” continues to appear.

    Oh, wow, Emmet is a special soul. He comes by it honestly. Yes, tug at my heartstrings. Little Jamey is the sweetest. Yay! 22 days. I am excited for you!

    And, yes, kinship with each and everyone. A great deal of strength and wisdom in your words, Susan. The photos of Mother Earth and family are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your Grace. xx 💕

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    • Dear E/E,

      Of course I did not know that I would be writing about the heart when I sat down to write this May 7th blog. I’m even surprised at what came out because I was doubtful that anything would surface and that is one of the reasons I hesitated sitting down. I’m kind of dragged against my will to the desk, but paradoxically I love to write and things do flow when I finally commit myself. I’m not sure this is ever going to change but at least I give in and sit down eventually because I finally put my hands up in surrender and say, “Okay, I’m going to trust!.” 🙂

      Thank you for your observations re my grandchildren. Kids are so remarkable…they are pure conduits for a higher source, so it’s important that we listen very carefully to them! I think they are much closer to a Higher Power than jaded adults. I know you probably feel the same way as you have wonderful grandchildren yourself. They teach us so much, don’t they? Being a grandparent is the BEST.

      By the way, after I published I went back and added a photo of my Mom. She’s dressed all in red (the color of the heart) and how perfect she fits in. Of course I didn’t think about the red/heart connection when I inserted the photo. And I’m mad at myself for not putting it in there in the first place. I guess I was rushing a bit, but my Mom is the whole reason for the Grace connection and not putting her image in there initially was a blunder, but not an intentional one.

      Thank you for your kind, loving support and camaraderie and kinship! You are awesome.


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      • I also believe children are closer to The Source. I feel they left there more recently since they are newer to our Earth. I often find their wisdom remarkable.

        I step away from anything I have written and I always return with a new thought, or something I want to remove. It is your blog, Susan. Your story. Anything goes. No right or wrong. It dawned on me, how I think I am speaking to myself, too. 🙂

        I feel it, too, Susan, kind, loving support and camaraderie and kinship! Back at you! You are awesome! 💕🙏💗

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    • Dear Meg,

      What an honor to hear from you on this page! I love getting comments from family and it makes my day! As you know we all could use a bit of cheering up during our day and your comment certainly cheered me up.

      I love going through photos and seeing where they will fit in the story. Sometimes I don’t know if the story comes first or the photos come first and I weave the story around the photos. No matter, I agree that the photos make the blog so much more interesting and bring it to life!

      I love it too when I can incorporate the kids. That Emmett story is one of the best I have ever heard: “I don’t think God heard me because the bugs were so loud.” He is one special dude.

      I really appreciate you reading and commenting.

      Your Mom forever,


    • Dear Gail,

      Thank you so much for reading.
      I know that you understand so much and we have traveled and continue to travel a very similar path. I am so blessed to have you in my life, dear friend.



  6. Thank you for sharing a little peek into your life, Susan. I loved seeing the photos of you and your sisters. Isn’t it wonderful that you got to see them before the pandemic? And your precious grandchildren. I think God heard your grandson’s prayers, even if the Texas bugs were loud! 🙂 Your post reminded me of this quote by Mary Oliver: “You can have the other words—chance, luck, coincidence, serendipity. I’ll take grace. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I’ll take it.”

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    • Dear Laurie,

      What a great quote from Mary Oliver! I know you have written yourself on grace before and I put it high up there too as one of the most precious and pervasive gifts that await us in every moment of every day! If we are a part of God and God is a part of us, how can there not be Grace ever present? I think it just takes an adjustment of attitudes; clicking a switch in the brain to the yes position😁.

      I loved writing about my sisters and it was the first time Marilyn had visited since we bought the house almost 9 years ago. Adversity and pain have brought my sisters and me closer— what I appreciate about them is how forgiving they are. I know that not all siblings are this way so I am grateful but we’ve had our knock down drag out fights and schisms. But look at us now! What a blessing.

      I so appreciate you reading, commenting and and sharing that wonderful quote.



    • Dear Bonny,

      Thank you so much for reading and your beautiful, supportive comment. Once again, this blog wrote itself when I finally committed to sitting down and letting the process unfold and flow. I loved writing about my sisters, too

      At this particular time, I find myself holding onto some good memories and looking forward to future ones. I am a believer of being in the present moment though, but the present moment is like a hamster going round and round in the hamster wheel :-), or the Groundhog movie where day after day we repeat the same things again and again with sometimes a little twist, or a little revelation…. plodding along hoping something will change! 😉

      thanks for your friendship!


      Susan Grace


  7. Hi Susan
    Your latest message to your “ fans” truly touched my heart. Like you this isolation has unraveled so many emotions, but also unveiled OUR fundamentals for living. WE have noted our cupboards can be full (noted essentials ) ; but without the touch of loved ones WE have felt aged, lonely. & vulnerable. It’s just not human ( our human) to be without our family so we have all decided to lessen our Quarantine with our immediate family. We are still being responsible & taking the necessary precautions in public & not ignoring possible risks, but our “ incarceration”from family has ended.
    These are absolutely crazy , surreal times where people are showing fear of others & ratting on people who walk the golf course.!
    Like you I have also seen the “grace” in others … so I’ll try to stay focused on the positives! Overall we are all doing well …

    I so enjoyed seeing the beautiful pics of the 3 Graces & adorable kiddos. I personally know the challenges of maintaining a close knit family while experiencing life’s obstacles as we all grow; it requires calm, perseverance & lots of love!!
    Thank you for keeping in touch through your inspirational writings. I hope we can get together soon!
    Love to you, Dan & family. Stay strong , God Bless ! Linda

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    • Dear Linda,

      So lovely to hear from you dear friend! I was so glad to see postings of you and your family getting together. When is enough, enough? Do we stay in lockdown forever, or in each and every year a new virus appears? When my Mother went into A-fib again last month (due to stress we surmise), she had to go in for cardioversion, a heart shock. My sister Linda, R.N., was not allowed by go in with her and be by her side and hold her hand. Around the world, older family members are dying without any family members allowed into hospitals to hold their hand and say goodbye. How in any scenario can this be right or humane? Many health experts around the world (whom you will never see on mainstream TV) are saying: “No epidemiological work in the world has ever discussed mandatory generalized containment, much less advised it.” Take care of those who are elderly or have pre existing conditions, but do not lock up all healthy people willy nilly.

      I wrote in my blog on March 31 that isolation, depression, loneliness kills and I think we are seeing that unfolding with rising levels of unemployment, poverty, alcoholism and domestic abuse. Is it worth it? I say not.

      You and I have so much in common and it’s always a pleasure to connect with you.

      Sending you much love and if the stars align, I’ll stop in and see you when visiting in the East Bay hopefully one of these days (or years).

      Love you much,

      Susan Grace


  8. Wonderful reading as always! Touched me deeply🙏🏼 You put into words feelings that many of have, but can’t seem to express.
    Love and hugs

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    • Dearest Maria,

      Sometimes it is so hard to sit myself in the chair because I have so many doubts that anything will come through. This is a great lesson in trust for me, and an exercise in allowing inspiration to flow through. It’s like, “God, what do you want me to say?” I always love our talks and walks, Maria, and I hope we have more in our future. You are always an inspiration to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words.

      Susan Grace


  9. Very insightful article with many beautiful points of reflection. I especially loved the story about little Emmet escaping to the woods to meditate and find comfort in Mother Nature, difusing his anger with GRACE. We can take a lesson from this tiny sage.

    This pandemic has given, even gifted us with soul searching and has also brought out the best in some of us and the worst in others, revealing different facets of our personalities. Some of us retreat. Others reach out. We are who we are and if all is done with GRACE, all works.

    I understand a little bit about loneliness. Being “confined “, as it is called in France, not the friendlier term , “shelter In place”, could be more challenging. Here in Paris, even long term neighbors in the same building rarely say more than “Bonjour!”. As a singleton, tomorrow will be my first face to face drink/munch shared over a table or anywhere. Since March 18 I have had only two-two hour conversations with friends outside of a screen and those were while walking.

    Through the GRACE of God and thanks to my super girlfriends and a few others who videoed me, I was able to maintain my positivity in this solitude. Through the GRACE of God I have a bright, one bedroom apartment -(now cleaner than ever). Through the GRACE of God I was not locked in with an abuser like many unfortunate ones.

    Yes, we must recognize the virtue of GRACE, but for me, her big sister GRATITUDE is what keeps us and the world peaceful. GRATITUDE and of course, acts of love -even if in tiny sparks.

    I write this from my refuge, the woods on the east of Paris, just like your little grandson, I am eternally grateful for this GRACE from God and yes, I am putty in Her hands.


    Blessings to Jamey and crew. I know you are very GRATEFUL.

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    • Dear Madeleine,

      So wonderful to hear from you and get your take on global events from a Parisian perspective. I really love how you have weaved Grace into your life and recognized it for all its worth; but most of all, her big sister Gratitude. You have always given me many bonafide wisdoms throughout our long friendship and I’m sure one of the most salient is “you don’t know what you have til it’s gone.” Another one I think about often is how when we are in the good ol’ days, we often don’t know we are in them until some time passes. So yes, it’s important to be grateful for daily demonstrations of grace.

      I hope your drink and munch went well; this week I went to a friend’s house for a homemade lunch and it made me feel human. I’ve got an open door here for anytime you want to get away.

      I loved what your wrote and it’s burned deep into this heart of mine.



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