Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying

May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you, guide your way on (yoga prayer)

Life in California Lockdown

Dear Friends,

My husband Dan is lovingly encouraging me to get my March blog out. So here I am, on the last day of March writing under the gun, uncertain whether anything will flow from my fingertips, although a few ideas have been floating in my head, with one leading the pack.  I can share with you that I’ve been focused these days on what is in my power to do versus what I am powerless over, and one of the things I’m doing is trying to get a daily dose of vital sunlight. All it takes is 15-20 minutes and you’ve got your healthy, essential dose of vitamin D and the mood enhancing compounds that help circadian rhythms and restful sleep. (More on the science below)

I was in a particularly emotional and vulnerable state one day when friend Virginia B sent an encouraging text.  She was experiencing anxiety herself and sleepless nights and so we exchanged supportive texts. When I received her text, I was getting ready to go out into the backyard to get my dose of sunlight when all of a sudden the song “Don’t Let the Sun Catch you Crying” came over the TV music channel that I was listening to.

Desert sunshine. Photo credit: Virginia

Husband Dan and I getting a dose of desert sunshine:

New Life, New Hope

I was doing the best I could and trying to do things that offered hope and enhanced well being.  I had to laugh at the timing of the song and I took it to heart (no time for crying!), but when I saw my  newborn grandson over video chat, instead of in person, the floodgates opened.

Welcome to the world, Jameson “Jamey”.  Even though I haven’t met you, you are adored and love, more than you will ever know.

In a separate incident, when speaking to daughter-in-law Jennifer over the phone about my two year old grandson’s grasp of words and phrases, including I love you, memories came flooding in of her husband at 20 months (my oldest son Ian) telling me for the first time, I love you. I couldn’t help it; tears flowed. The moment is still vivid 38 years later… me sitting in a recliner, Ian sitting on my lap, holding me in a hug, patting me on the back and speaking a toddler gibberish that I finally translated as “I love you.”

Here’s two year old Maverick saying “I Love You” via a tight hug to Papa Dan, and his father, Ian whom I remember saying his first “I Love You” as if it were yesterday:

The Science of Crying

Why do we feel better after a cry? The science says that tears contain a number of stress hormones which reduce the levels of these chemicals in the body.  So go ahead and have a good cry! And here is why.  If you happen to do some crying outside,  I’m sure the sun will be more than understanding and in fact encourage it. It’s good for us.

Strengthening the Immune System:

Outdoor exercise, sunlight, fresh air, connections with family and others are vital to my well being; so, if in a moment of panic and fear, I’m afraid those are going to be taken away and I’m acting or speaking a bit out of balance, I’ve asked friends and family to extend understanding.

I’m told I am a gallivanter; if true, it’s for the sake of sanity:


There’s a lot of good science with respect to the benefits of limited exposure to sun light. I know I’ve been prone to depression if I can’t see blue skies or the sun.  When natural sunlight hits the skin, the body’s production of Vitamin D is triggered and mood booster hormone serotonin is also released.  Most of us already know about the importance of sunlight, but it’s so important and vital to our health that it bears mentioning again and again. Link here.

On average, there are 269 sunny days per year in Palm Desert, so no wonder it’s a retirement mecca (minus the blistering summers!).


My sister and I take a break from a February hike and grab some rays.  Just call us desert lizards.

Figuring out what’s in my power:

Staying focused on what is in my power to do: each day is centered around a discipline and routine that helps me stay sane. A two mile morning walk, facing in the sun’s direction whenever possible, serves as a mood adjuster and beneficial start to the day.  While walking, I inwardly count my blessings: I’m out in fresh air, the sun is shining, and I have two good legs to walk on. I greet everyone I pass with a wave and a smile.  I come home and have a healthy breakfast.  I’m keeping it simple.

Since I recently moved my northern California household down to our desert retirement home, I have boxes and cartons to go through. I focus on unpacking only one each day and that is enough. What’s the rush? I’m on lockdown.  In the afternoon, if the spring winds are not gusting, my husband and I take a five mile bike ride through the closed golf courses here in Sun City.  This is an unexpected blessing to be sure.

Lifeline to sanity:  daily walks cuz golf, softball, pickleball, bocce and any outdoor group activity is shut down.

Importance of fellowship:

Hankering for some fellowship, I wrote a friend, Sharon E, asking her if she would like to walk through the golf course with me and she replied yes! We walked holes 1-9 of our main golf course, and basked under the sun, breathed in the spring air, and imbibed all the verdant lushness surrounding us. It felt so good afterwards as if I’d had a good cry 😂In addition to missing my family and kin, it was also friendships I was missing and I told Sharon that I needed my heart-to-heart connections and without them I felt rudderless.  Of course I’m not surprised to see many friends walking two by two through the golf courses in our community.

Sun City is a beautiful place to walk through.  Photo credit: V. Duran-Brush

People are finding ways to avoid isolation, and Zoom meet ups have become lifelines for many.  I’ve participated in Zoom yoga, ukulele, meditation and Alanon meetings and I don’t know where I would be without them.  I’m the type of person who can not abide isolation or loneliness, and personally feel that stress, isolation, depression, and loneliness are damaging to the immune system. I call them the silent killers.  No one said  life was going to be easy, but this quote from my daily reader put the current stressful climate in perspective for me:  When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure. (Courage to Change, March 23)

The silver lining to technology:

By far, the most important lifeline to emotional and mental well being for me right now is to engage in video chats with my children and grandchildren, and I’m connecting with far flung friends as well – Suzette in Boston (who just went through lung surgery, God bless her), and Molly who is in Paris under a far stricter lockdown than folks in California.  My daughter, husband and three children made their move to Texas under stressed and harried circumstances, and video chats with them mitigate the pangs of separation.

Missing my daughter and family – remembering good times:

I’ve had to let some things go by the wayside temporarily such as reading my favorite blogs; I just don’t have the energy. Any energy I have is being used to connect with the dearest people in my life. My ninth grandchild was born March 22 and I can’t wait to meet him. He is the first grandchild that I have not seen hours after his/her birth. This causes so many emotions to arise and I get all choked up.


My son Ryan with his four sons! Blessings abound.

This too shall pass

I heard a quote last night from a meditation teacher – “Faith is the bird that sings in the dark to the dawn.”  How beautiful!  Simple, to the point, like my life has become, but with hope for the light of dawn.

So many unknowns; my family contemplates the future that now includes a new baby for one and a new home state for another:

One day this too shall pass and in the meantime, I’m sure the sun will bear witness to gushing rivers of tears until we, humanity, emerge from this dark tunnel, but still the song rings in my ear:

Don’t let the sun catch you crying, the night’s the time for all your tears

Your heart may be broken tonight but tomorrow in the morning light,  don’t let the Sun catch you crying

Anyone remember the 1964 song by Gerry and the Pacemakers?  Well, here you go.

Do you have a focus that is your lifeline right now?  I’d love to hear about it.

May you always have health and the love and comfort of family and friends, and of course, may you always have the wind at your back.

Love and Blessings,


37 thoughts on “Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying

  1. This is my favorite so far!! Nice work nana!! I always feel better after a good cry, I find that when I hold back I feel worse.

    Although during this time we feel like we are missing out, maybe the things we are missing out on are things we get to look forward too…like everyone meeting baby J and getting to Texas to see Meg’s new spot !

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    • Dear Krysti,

      Thank you for reading and telling me this is your favorite! It means a lot to me when family reads my little pieces. Thank you for your wisdom regarding crying and how it’s helped you. Isn’t it interesting that you observe when you hold back tears, you feel worse! I think I’ve held back tears too many times in my life. Maybe that is what’s the matter with me, ha ha.

      I love your suggestion to think about the things I get to look forward to. Great wisdom from a Mother of four boys. There is so much to look forward to – I agree!

      Love you,


    • Dear Rosie,
      I’m so glad you were able to read and hopefully it helped a bit. I know many of us are struggling in so many different ways, but our struggles are our bond. Humanity suffering as one. I wish for you future days full of sunshine, health, happiness and serenity!



  2. Beautifully written as always. Glad you were able to put your blog out this month amongst all the craziness that has been occurring. I’ve been thinking in a similar way in that I’m focusing on what I can control right now and trying to be in the moment. Luckily we do have technology that allows us to be in touch with our loved ones even if it is from afar. My focus is to concentrate on daily accomplishments however small, instead of getting overrun by uncertainty.

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    • Dear Jennifer,

      Thank you for reading. I love to incorporate family into my writings as much as possible and include photos. Next time, I’ll definitely find a way to include Mary Sue. You were part of the inspiration for this piece, so I thank you for listening to me and comforting me during the time of tearful expressions.

      I love it that you are focused on the moment and concentrating on daily accomplishments however small. I’m with you there, to be sure. I can’t bite off more than I can chew, not right now. It’s enough sometimes to be able to put one foot in front of the other. But one day, my feet will lead me back to your door so I can hold and kiss those gorgeous grandchildren!



  3. Always look forward to your wonderful post!!! This month’s was just perfect. I take extra vitamin D every day due to the lack of sun here in Pacifica:) We have been fortunate to have more sunny days this year. You’re blessed to have such gorgeous, sunny weather in Palm Dessert. Love the photo of the new baby😍My Danny and I wanted to congratulate your family on the new little grandson, so precious! Thanks so much for the lovely post. Sending virtual hugs 🤗 María

    Sent from my iPhone


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    • Dear Maria,

      It’s so good to hear from you. I can’t tell how appreciative I am for your comment. We’ve exchanged so much good information related to health, yoga and aging well over these years, and you are my role model for faith and positivity!

      Thank you for the baby congrats – we are so excited. Here, we thought it would be so great for them to have a girl, and it seems as if this little boy is just the soul that was needed. My sister Linda has only seen his photos and commented “He’s a special baby. He’s an old soul.” She ought to know, she’s worked with babies for four decades!

      I’m looking forward to talking with you!

      Sending you love, prayers and hugs!



  4. My focus of late is to intentionally have no opinions. This is more difficult than it may seem but by being in the moment, not extending myself into the world of what ifs, I feel more calm and centered. I can only do what I can, often online in a blogging capacity, so I do that. I refuse to allow this pandemic to nudge me into self pity or despair when I am healthy and safe. And of that I am grateful.

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    • Dear Ally,

      Wow, I love your focus of late – to intentionally have no opinions. How freeing for the brain and mind! I personally agree that it can be extremely difficult but what a wonderful personal exercise. I also believe that if we are self aware, it behooves us to find what keeps us calm and centered. For me this is life giving! I’m healthy and safe, too, and often my phrase of prior years was “In this moment, I am safe.” I still use it especially when I get a little anxious. We all can only do what we can do, and my personal choice is to limit media as much as possible, and not be ruled or influenced by doomsayers.

      It’s always nice to hear from you and I hope to get over to the Spectacled Bean in the not too distant future and see what you are up to.



  5. During this bleak period in humanity, I find myself thinking about, and yearning for the good ole’ days. In 1964 when Gerry and the Pacemakers released “Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying,” I was 12 years old. I clicked on the link in your blog to the YouTube video of the group performing their song. Awe! The feelings that arose from within me! So nostalgic, and I cried! But, even better was the video that followed; a more current performance by Gerry Marsden, now 77 years old, accompanied by a full orchestra of younger musicians that was so up-lifting.

    These are confusing and frightening times, for sure. Music, especially the “Oldies,” carry me through. Your titled blog is so appropriate. Thank you for your writings.

    PS. Especially loved that you included a picture of us.

    Your Soul Sister, Virginia

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    • Dear Soul Sister V,

      I didn’t really want to sit down and write for some reason and I’m glad that hubby encouraged me to do so, saying with each passing day, that I was running out of time. Finally I was forced to do it just to keep him quiet. Ha ha. Only kidding. I needed a kick in the rear. I’m not the kind who deals easily with monotony or the same routine day after day after day, so it’s good that my hubby got me writing again because I was doing no writing. I do find it strange though that somehow I’m acclimating to my more quiet days that do not include golf, step cardio class, pickleball or swimming. It may show that I’m more adaptable and malleable than I give myself credit for.

      I’m so glad you mentioned the follow-up video because I missed that. I’ll have to check that out because I love hearing older musicians of our era surrounded by an orchestra. That Sunday when I was listening to the music channel and heard “Don’t let the Sun…”, I had purposefully turned the TV to music because 24/7 news of panic, fear, tragedy, negativity acts like the worst downer drug that there ever could be. You and I were in the same boat at the time – not wanting to be immersed in non stop drama because it fed into anxiousness.

      You are doing great and I always love hearing from you and I’m deeply appreciative of your support. Thanks for the use of your beautiful photos!

      Love your soul sister,


  6. Hi, Susan – It’s wonderful to hear from you. I’m glad that Dan encouraged you to write this post. I completely agree in the art of accepting what we can’t control, and positively controlling what we can (esp. our attitude). Your newborn grandson is gorgeous and brought a BIG smile to my face.

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    • Dear Donna,

      Some of us sister bloggers have had a little boy born to us! You had your grandson, Erica had her’s and now ME! What a blessing.

      I’m sorry I’ve been off the circuit and laying low . I wrote my last blog about change, and who knew then that monumental change on a cosmic level was about to arrive.

      Having the wisdom that comes with age, I’ve discovered that it’s no use tilting against windmills.
      I may not like what is before me but I’m going to find a way to deal and not lose my serenity or humanity. Thus, when my husband and I go for walks or rides in the golf cart, we greet everyone with a smile and a wave. That’s our attitude adjustment! Most people reciprocate but if they don’t, it’s okay because I’m going to continue to do what I think is right and not let anyone deter me.

      l have been a bit cranky of late but that’s due to my separation from family and so much going on the micro and macro level.

      I always love hearing from you.



  7. Nice bright article! I read it from my sunny window seat in Paris while having my 10:00 am 2nd cup. Yes, thank you almighty Vitamin D. Clearly, we apartment dwellers rotate our lives around where the sun is shining. The neighbor across from me enjoys sun filled lunch at 4:00PM. There is a patch of sun in the courtyard at 5:00 -badminton for the girls. More gratitude for Mr Sunshine-recently read only he can burn the germs off those reused surgical masks. Off to my kitchen now -the rays are peeping through. Stay healthy and grateful!

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    • Dearest Molly,

      I can picture you sitting at your window, eyes closed, face luminous with hope, gratitude and joy. I loved hearing about your neighbors habits too! Isn’t it wonderful how we human beings can adapt to our circumstances and find little openings of light each day (on all levels) to inspire and keep us moving forward with hope? I really believe depression , loneliness, isolation are diseases in themselves and can inflict plenty of harm.

      Thinking of you with love,



  8. “The pure light within you,” already brought tears to my eyes. When I said I was saving your post, I wanted to savour your words.

    A great reminder on the sunlight, Susan. I believe our mental health is of the utmost importance right now. From the short time I have known you, I also believe you are in tune with the Universe. Huge WOW on “Don’t let the sun catch you crying.”

    Exceptionally adorable and wide-eyed grandson! Our grandson is 4 weeks old and my husband I burst out crying whenever we see him, also via video chat.

    OMgosh, now you are making me cry. Happy and nostalgic tears.

    I cannot believe you are over 60, Susan. You are gorgeous! Beautiful family photos!

    Wise words on “what is in my power.” We are huge on Zoom, Facetime, Video chat around here. Completely self isolating past 18 days. No friends, family, shopping. All shut down except some essential services. Yet, always count my blessings. I live in a home with a loving husband. My immediate family all safe and healthy.

    Thank you Susan. A beautiful post. I will make sure I get out in the sun every day and a few tears are okay and even healthy. xx 💕

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    • Dear E,

      Sorry for my tardy reply to your beautiful and kind comment. You would think that I have nothing to do but sit in front of my computer all day, but because I had a job where I sat in front of a computer pretty much for 30 years, I kind of rebel against it now, ha ha. When I worked and the weekend would come, I couldn’t sit in front of a computer or answer a phone!

      Retirement has been beautiful in that I have choices now. I even have choices during this lockdown. My choice is to continue to exercise, eat well, get sleep, and put aside time (finally) for a little spiritual practice that I had let go by the wayside. An upside is that this crisis is forcing me to put priority on my spiritual practice , not keep postponing til tomorrow. And I have a simple practice, too, that only takes me 30 minutes! 15 minutes spine elongating and hip opening yoga poses, 2 minutes alternate nostril breathing, 12-15 minutes meditation. I’m embarrassed to say that I shoved it aside so many days in order to pursue other physical fitness activities. And I’m a big believer in nurturing the soul and cultivating mind, body, spirit health. So now that spiritual practice becomes another crucial lifeline (I didn’t put in my post due to worrying about word count ha ha)

      Here’s another universal message I got that was amusing. My husband and I were sitting in Palm Springs airport at 4:45 AM on Thursday March 19, ready to fly to SF to get my belongings and get me moved to the desert. What was supposed to be a 3 day trip got squeezed into one day. My daughter picked us up at 8:30am, we packed my car from 9-10am, hit the road at 10:00am for the 8 hour drive south to the desert. A bit traumatic because there was barely any time for a proper good bye with family. Just quick hugs (and inwardly cried tears for me). There were reasons for the quickness of our trip including rumors of lockdown (which happened); airlines shutting down (did not happen) and the National guard being called up to the big city (yes happened). Anyway we are sitting there at that ungodly early hour and I tell my husband, “I’m going to close my eyes and say a few prayers.” Then I heard loud noise pollution coming over the speakers at our airport gate, and I’m thinking: “Really, I need this at 4:45am?” Ha Ha. Well I stopped and listened and the song was “I say a little prayer for you.” !!!! That shut up my inner complaining right there and then, and I had a real chuckle.

      The Mom of my new grandbaby wrote in a comment here for me to focus on all the wonderful things I have to look forward to – meeting my new grandson, visiting my daughter in her new home in Texas. I can succumb to doubt and bleakness too as I was focused on what I was missing. It’s an emotional roller coaster to be sure.

      Bless you E/E, and I always look forward to reading your blogs and comments!

      Love and Blessings,

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      • Susan, No apologies on timing of comments or posts. Despite being home most of the time except for my walks in our neighbourhood, I am busy on all sorts of projects. We are also doing a lot of Zoom and Video Chatting. A wonderful way to connect although draining especially when communicating with a group.

        I love your word, “choice.” We do have choices on how to spend our time, and where we focus our energy. I am doing an online yoga class every day which feels like it contains periods of meditation. I did do one online meditation recommended to me by someone I respect. I may reinstate this.

        I very much “get it” on the Universal messages. Your stories really resonate with me since I find I am overall very pragmatic, work on myself, plan my day and my future. Yet, messages also come to me. It is almost as if it is a validation that I am on the right path. My intention is not to sound ‘woo woo’ (I think an Oprah phrase).

        I cannot imagine how stressful your move was, Susan. Yes, an emotional roller coaster. And, yes, the wonderful things we have to look forward to. Thank you for sharing your stories and your spirit with me. It all makes a difference.💕💗

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  9. ❤️
    Beautiful and rich article!
    Loved the song too!
    They just don’t make songs like that anymore.

    so important to keep relevant and alive!

    Much love! 😘

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    • Dear Marilyn Jo,

      I am so happy to read your comment and I’m eternally grateful for your support of my little writing effort here. You are right, they don’t make songs like that any more. If you get a chance listen to You’ll Never Walk Alone by Andre Rieu. Sends shivers up my spine.

      More than ever, it’s so important to seize life and listen to OUR own intuition. If I were to listen to others, I might be rolled up into a ball in a dark corner of my house, afraid and panicky. No thank you! The fresh air and sunlight are calling to me always – come, come, let us be your companions through the storm.

      God Bless you MJ, and remember I love you very much!

      Your sis,


  10. Thank you for this beautiful, encouraging, blog Susan;I needed this tonight. Feeling the pangs of isolation. “ this too shall pass”! CONGRATULATIONS
    On the birth of your 9th grandchild!
    Your love of your family blesses and
    Inspires me.
    Much love,

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    • Dearest Gail,

      How sweet of you to read and comment! Isn’t it funny how we get what we need when we need it. My friend Sharon E who is mentioned in this blog wrote me later and said my blog made her feel better. Oh, that made my heart happy, and made me feel better. Your comment makes me feel better too, because those of us in 12 steps know the damage that isolation can bring. Two days in a row my husband and I have walked and come across people we know and we stop and engage in conversation, with the “required” physical distancing applied. That is a highlight to my day and I even put it in my daily journal… ran into so and so and had a great talk. There’s just so much enforced seclusion and isolation a person can take. What is the breaking point? That is why I have to get out for walks and get fresh air, and get some safe doses of daylight. It’s my medicine! Medicine isn’t always the kind you get from the pharmacy, ha ha.

      I miss and love you,



  11. Thank you so much for this ! What a beautiful, uplifting message! So well done! You have such a gift to share with people.

    The reminder of the benefits of tears and sunshine!

    Love all the pictures of you, your friends, hubby, family, grandkids and Nature.

    I like all the nature pictures but particularly liked the second nature picture from the top and the one with palm trees reflecting in the water. Just spectacular!

    These are trying times – easy for moods to go up and down.

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  12. WOW!! another beautiful blog Susan! The pictures are magnificent! I would love more of that desert sunshine up here in Pacifica!! But at least we do get quite a bit. I too am taking many walks and getting outside as much as possible; one to get the vitamin D and to keep myself sane!! I am also home schooling my oldest grandson, Liam, at my apartment 3 days a week.

    Now that is a challenge as he is in a special class at school (10 kids and 2 wonderful teachers) and he receives much one on one time while in a school environment. So, for now, at Grandma Bon Bon’s school, I am just doing the best I can! It will work out and this will be over with soon. Take care and keep in touch dear friend!!!

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    • Dear Bonny

      I sure miss the good ol’ days, hanging out with you, gabbing with other retired ladies at PAC gym, enjoying the views and walking at the ocean. But and it’s a BIG “BUT”, things change and it behooves us to , like the surfers in Pacifica, ride the wild wave the best we can, and be grateful for life. I think it’s wonderful that out of this, Grandmama Bon Bon’s school has been created!

      Thank you so much for reading, commenting and keeping in touch. During times like this, we realize what really counts and for me it’s love, family, friendships. You exemplify that also in the way you are living your life and being there for your family and grandkids!



  13. Thank you, thank you, for posting this much needed connection and encouragement. Separation is SO difficult, and it really brings home how much we all need the human touch, family hugs, physical shoulders to cry on, walking arm in arm. But hopefully, this will be in our rearview mirror as people look to the greater good and comply. Until then, we collectively have a chance to go within, exercise long dormant creativity, and write so others will not feel alone. Just like you have done. Beautiful post.
    “Suzette from Boston”

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    • Dear Suzette,

      Thank you so much for reading! Your comment brings sunshine and smiles to my day. I love the idea of the rear view mirror (wow, well said) and I have indeed taken this time for more inner communion, prayer, and meditation. Although that has always been important to me, I put it on the back burner too many times. Now it’s an essential and vital part of my path to serenity and sanity and that is what I am getting out of this time of forced seclusion. I am powerless over the affairs of the world but I can certainly choose my attitudes and what I do with my time. Even in seclusion, I’m working on myself and savoring texts and FaceTime with family and friends.

      Love you, Suzette from Boston!



  14. Susan Grace, I agree, a good cry is essential to well-being! And so are friends and family….can you imagine if this happened in the 80’s without the technology we have today? I don’t even like to think about it. I am happy you are able to ‘see’ the new grand-baby! As you mention, this too shall pass – one day at a time for all of us. We are finding creative ways to get through this – in fact, if the weather lets up on Sunday, we are camping in the backyard. LOL We will do ANYTHING to pretend life is normal!! Hugs to you S.G. -big changes going on for you.

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    • Dear Pam,

      Thanks so much for reading and your wonderful, kind comment. I definitely see technology as a double edged sword. I don’t want to rely on it completely but it’s there during a rough patch to see me (us) through. I think about the young kids who got so used to texting that they didn’t know they could pick up a phone once in awhile and actually speak human voice to human voice. When I was working and so much was done through email, I was of a generation whereby I needed to pick up the phone and introduce myself to new associates, or even old associates via a phone call. Us old timers who would do this would share a laugh….because it showed the generation we were from. The current situation really underscores that in a pinch, technology can be a blessing, but ultimately can not replace being physically present with loved ones and friends; grasping hands, hugging, and all of that good stuff.

      I think it’s great that you plan to go “camping” this weekend; can’t keep an OUTDOORS girl in too long! hee hee

      My very best to you.



  15. Beautifully said, Susan. After days of cloudy, cool weather, the sun finally came out today. I just got back from a run on the parkway trail. It was so beautiful, and being in the sun felt heavenly. Of course, a good workout raises the spirits as well. The combination was definitely restorative. Your new grandson is so adorable. Congratulations! May you meet him in person soon!

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    • Dear Christie,

      Thanks so much for your comment – I am deeply appreciative. And, so happy to hear that you had some sun and got in a run as well! Sun and exercise = happy life. I used to live by the ocean south of San Francisco and it used to get very foggy. I loved the place but when the marine layer hung heavy for repeated days I would find myself as gray inside as the fog overhead. It was a big tradeoff for my love of the ocean and my disdain for heavy fog blankets. Now where I’ve chosen to retire gives me lots of chances to soak up some sun (in healthy ways of course) but along with that comes the intolerable high temperatures that can last for four months. I’m not complaining though because I don’t know if there’s a perfect place – if you know of one, let me know 😉

      My grandson will be a month old tomorrow and I simply can’t believe it. Photos and facetime suffice for now but as I mentioned to another reader, technology will NEVER take the place of actual touching, hugging, holding. I can’t wait. I just want to sit all day long holding that little baby and make up for lost time 🙂

      Thanks again for what you shared here – your writings are always inspirational too!



  16. Congratulations on your new grandson! He is a cutie pie!!! I am a gallavanter too. I love that term. My mom used to use it all the time, as in “Let’s go gallivanting today.” I am glad you are at least getting outside to walk the golf course with a friend and sit in the California sunshine with your husband. The sun has caught me crying several times lately, just yesterday, in fact. It IS cathartic. Let’s hope we can both go gallivanting again before too long.

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    • Dear Laurie,

      Thank you so much for your comment! It’s always lovely to hear from you and I also love hearing that your Mom (God Bless her) used the phrase “Let’s go gallivanting today!” I think I’m going to start using that with my daughter. After I wrote this blog, the county shut down all golf courses to any use — walking or biking. That was a deep blow to my spirit, but 48 hours later, the decision was reversed. Phew. I see that a Massachusetts friend of mine along with her husband got into the act and started to walk on a deserted golf course in their neck of the woods. I so believe in the power of the outdoors to heal and to boost our immune systems, so it was immensely disappointing that many outdoor areas, parks, beaches, trails, were closed off not only in California but around the country. I haven’t been doing much of any gallivanting lately but tomorrow I’m going on my first hike in awhile with a girlfriend. The trail was recently opened and my friend has never been there. It’s also over 100* here where I am, and the virus hates heat, so I think I’m in good shape to do this little bit of gallivanting!



  17. Great post to help put these unusual times into perspective. The walks, the sun and the bike rides all take on new significance. Hopefully a trip to see your new grandson will be safe and sensible soon. I honestly thought gallivanting and hankerings were unique to the rural, midwestern culture I have experienced most of my life. Nice to know I could gallivant around the west coast if I get a hankering.


    • Dear Denny,

      Thanks for reading – great to have you and your comment here! I decided to look up the definition of the word gallivanting: “go around from one place to another in the pursuit of pleasure or entertainment.” Now that sounded a bit shallow to me because I don’t gallivant for the sake of pleasure or entertainment only; I gallivant to feed my mind, body, spirit. I take in sounds, colors, textures, moods, weather – to have as full of an experience as I can. Sure that may be entertainment I suppose; but it’s actually done to make me a happier, more balanced and stronger person. In fact, I think it’s time to re-define the word gallivant, ha ha.

      My parents were farmers from the Midwest so perhaps why the word comes so natural to me. The same for hanker! I think I used to hear from my beloved Father, “I’m hankering for a big, juicy hamburger.”

      I haven’t worried about staying safe at all, but I have worried about staying sane. Everything I wrote in that March 31st blog has come to pass when it comes to importance of the outdoors, sunshine, Vitamin D, and connections with others to our overall well being. Alcoholism, depression, domestic abuse are all up, and I’m not surprised. People have been suffering terribly due to isolation and lack of employment. My grandson is almost 6 weeks old and I do plan to see him at the end of May and I can’t wait – I may not give him back, hee hee.

      Shortly after I wrote this post, the county healthy director closed down all golf courses to walking or biking, and that really felt deflating because if we were going to have to be put into lock down, these courses and green belts served as oases of peace. Well 48 hours later, that order got rescinded – thank goodness.

      It’s been tough times for everyone and I hope you are doing well and are finding joy.




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