Life is Change; Change is Life


Photo taken December 28, 2019 at 5:30pm PST, California Coast

“Sometimes the changes that we don’t want are the changes we need to grow.” – Anonymous

Dear Friends,

It was late December and obstinate winter had settled in.  Darkness wrapped itself tightly around my being causing me to want to curl up into a cocoon, and not wake up until spring. 😆 That is… until the evening of December 28 when two lights unexpectedly blazed in the sky overhead and I was completely mesmerized.  I had just finished an early dinner with my daughter and grandchildren and as I walked out to my car,  I  looked up in awe and amazement and saw a glorious sliver of a crescent moon with the most brilliant star hovering nearby.

The different shades of indigo more than pleased my esthetic sense as dusk was getting underway approximately 30 minutes after sunset.  Twilight is my favorite time of the day when the most glorious shades of blue imaginable dominate the sky. When I was a young girl and even well into adulthood, I would stop and stare when presented with a glorious scene of dusk.  It may be one of the reasons I am obsessed with Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting.  His inner eye seemed to grasp the greatest profundity of earth and sky bounties, and it must have been a special night too that he saw and captured for all of posterity.  In fact, it is said that the brightest star in Van Gogh’s painting is Venus.


Can you pick out Venus?

The blazing celestial object that I saw in the sky on December 28th was of course Venus. I can’t really convey the vividness of color and the brilliance of both the moon and Venus on that evening. It summed up for me that no matter what, lights continue to shine overhead to inspire and illuminate the way.


Venus shines again over my daughter’s house. February 15, 6:15pm PST

In spite of things changing in and all around me, I can count on beautiful astronomical wonders reoccurring.  There are inviolable universal laws over which we have no control and which repeat over large amounts of time. Our blood and harvest moons return, as well as the solar and lunar eclipses, and equinoxes and solstices.  Another astronomical phenomenon, the Great Year (26,000 years) completes itself and begins anew. It takes 26,000 years for the earth, mimicking a spinning top, to complete one wobble.

The precession of the equinoxes also causes our Pole Stars to change when the earth’s axis points to a different part of the northern sky.  Our current pole star is Polaris and is important to navigators because when they spot the star that is at the end of the handle in the Little Dipper (Ursa Minor), they know they are looking north. Sailors and travelers have used the pole star for navigational purposes for eons because of its constant position in the sky. Learn more about Polaris here.


Charting my course.

Why am I talking about Venus and the Pole Star?  Well, they are comfortable constants (at least in my lifetime) in an existence that delivers up nothing but change and challenge.  We won’t see a pole star change until around 4000 AD when Gamma Cephei is expected to displace Polaris as the celestial king.  One can’t overestimate how important the pole star was for our ancient ancestors and stargazers.  “I am as constant as the northern star,” wrote William Shakespeare in his play Julius Caesar.

It gives me comfort to think about these repeating cycles of nature and although I’m a very minute part of a grand, gargantuan universe, I too arrive on the scene to shine my light for a brief period of time (and so do you!).

It is divinity itself that is come to live on earth in the guise of man. We are all rays of light from an eternal sun that is the life of all that exists in the universe and the breath of all that breathes in any part of space.” (Kashmiri philosopher, Gopi Krishna)


Pondering my place in the universe

Things Have Changed:

The new year found me moved into my daughter’s home, expecting to live there for six months or so. But things have changed!  My daughter had a work injury and has been home. She still needed my help as her husband is in Texas starting a new job.  Their plan was to sell the house, but rent back from buyers so their 3 children could finish out the school year.  Due to a variety of factors and helpful advice from a realtor, it began to dawn on my daughter and her husband that it would be best to try to sell their house in early spring and give their 3 children (ages 13, 7, 6) a chance to meet some school mates in their new home state before the fall.  So plans have changed.


A luminous orb greets my son-in-law in his new state. It’s a Texas welcome!

Plus, now that my daughter’s husband has found a 3 acre spread (zoned for horses and chickens) that is a perfect fit for them, the stakes have doubled. They’ll need to sell their house sooner rather later.  Their guiding beacon has been pointing to a place where they can afford some acreage and have a more country type life. My daughter who was a horsewoman in her younger years will be able to give that life to her children.  Things are moving quickly and falling into place as if everything is meant to be.

The sun rises and the sun sets bringing surprises and gifts each and every 24 hours.

So, what I thought was going to be a six month stint as nanny extraordinaire has been cut in half!  I’m moving permanently to the desert in late March and I’m thrilled and a trifle nervous all at the same time.  As I said to friends one evening, my husband and I have spent no more than 6-8 weeks at a stretch together since July 2011.  That’s over 8.5 years ago!  When I thought about it, I was amazed. For my regular readers, they know this time apart was due to the fact that my husband took an early retirement and moved to the Coachella Valley while I stayed working in San Francisco.   It’s not that I’m nervous about spending more time with my husband; it’s just that it’s going to be a change and a new life for me. I’m going to be setting roots down in one place…finally.

What has been my constant all throughout periods of change or uncertainty? What keeps me getting up out of bed optimistic to greet the day and eager to offer my own set of unique contributions to the world?  For me, I have to look inside and find something deeper, more stable and permanent than external sturm and drang.  It is my faith — faith in something transcendent and greater than myself of which I am a part and which resides in me.  I call this something God or Higher Power.  It is a constant; my Venus and North Star.  And so far I have been taken well care of and made it to 66!

Today I can accept the changes occurring in my life and live more comfortably with them. I will trust in the God of my understanding, and my fears will diminish. I relax in this knowledge, knowing that I am always taken care of when I listen to my inner voice.” (Courage to Change, p.265)


Sometimes life can feel like an uphill battle

We may all agree that life is not easy and is replete with loss, heartache and change but sometimes the beauty of the world spreads over us like a deep indigo blue blanket dappled with luminous lights and all we can do is respond with gratitude and devotion.


Hello Venus

Twilight looms. View from my daughter’s house

There will be more chances in the west to see a luminous crescent moon paired with a blazing Venus on February 27, March 28 and April 26, 2020.  The beauty I saw on December 28 was startling in its brilliance and clarity and should fortune shine upon us, perhaps we can have a repeat.  Keep your eyes peeled heavenward!  For updates on what’s going on overhead, check out this site.

So in closing, I would like to share that the changes in my life ever since my Father passed away in 2009 have conspired to catapult me towards positive growth to the degree that I feel I am not the same person I was a decade ago.  When a relative recounted past grievances, I responded, “I’m sorry” and added, “I am not that person anymore.” 👏 My Mother is a perfect example of extraordinary growth through painful changes.  She is not the person she was – she is kinder and stronger and has surprised everyone with her resilience, humility and zest for life.

“Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose Wisely.”  (Attributed to Karen Kaiser Clark) 

God help me, may I always choose growth. 🙂

New photo added:  Moon and Venus over Pacifica, CA  2/26/20

May change and growth be gentle companions for you, and may you always have a light to guide you up and down the long and winding road.








44 thoughts on “Life is Change; Change is Life

    • Dear Marilyn,

      Thank you so much for stopping by, reading and leaving your beautiful comment. Sharing life and experiences with you has made me a better person! Through the example of your honesty, softness, sensitivity and willingness to forgive, I have been inspired to be a better sister!

      Love you Sis,


  1. I really enjoyed reading your latest post! I admire your way with words. Happy for Meghan and her family. Exciting times ahead for all of you! I think of you often. One of my goals for the New Year is to be better at staying in touch with those who mean a lot to me. Catch up with you soon. Always, Julie

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    • Dearest Julie,

      What an honor to have you here. I can’t thank you enough for your support of my writing! I just dropped off Meghan and kids at the airport so they can fly to Texas to see Nick. It’s winter break out here in California, so it’s an opportunity for them to go out and see where their new home and check out the schools they will be attending. It’s exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. Change definitely keeps things from getting stale.

      Yes let’s stay in touch. I’ve reached out to Mike and Donna a couple times, and Linda and I hope to get out there and visit and not be strangers. Donna said she welcomed more loved ones moving to Texas. Doesn’t that sound just like her? 😄

      Life continues to be one big adventure!

      Sending love to my first cousin,


    • Dear Kathy,

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading! ❤️

      I love the idea of coming full circle. The more that things change, the more they stay the same! 😂

      You know all about changes and moving, and you are always a good sport with a smile on your face! No wonder everyone loves you – you are a shining star to everyone you meet and the world can always use more of that!



    • Dear Janis,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I tell people if I stop growing, just bury me ha ha! So of course life then serves up to me a lot of opportunities for change and growth . Some of these opportunities are more painful than others. But the painful ones also offer up the greatest opportunity for growth. Darn it! 😂

      I suppose if I had a chance to stop time, I would sit on a mountaintop and just bask in twilight forever and ever! Ha ha
      It’s that in between time that is so intriguing, not day any more and not quite evening. But yes, a signal to slow down, stop and watch the evening stars emerge!



  2. Your photo of the night sky in December is amazing. I love that color of blue, wowza. I’m excited for you and all your upcoming changes. I imagine that it’ll be difficult/delightful to settle down with your husband, but you’ll figure it out. So happy to read that your daughter and SIL have found their dream spot in TX. Moving is difficult but so much nicer when it’s to somewhere you want to move to.

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    • Hi Ally

      So good to hear from you. Yes it’s all good and regarding my daughter and family, it’s great that they scoped out the area a couple of times and a great job fell into my son-in-law’s lap. The stars lined up for them, incredibly so. And I’ll have a place to visit and I even have a first cousin not too far from where my daughter will be living. All my kids were born and raised in California (which has gotten horribly expensive) so I’m excited for them, and also sad to see them go. I always called my daughter the country girl and asked how did I (a city girl) born this very capable country girl? I figured it was in the genes because both my parents were farmers in Iowa at one time.

      Changes keep me on my toes and also keep me from getting complacent, so here I go, off to a new life. My husband has been living alone all these years, so I pray he’s ready too. Like you said, we will figure it out! We better 😂


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  3. The only thing constant in life is change. A friend told me this many years ago. Whenever I feel that matters in my life are out of alignment, I remember my friend’s words and then open up to the manifestation of change happening in a way not yet apparent to me. Thank you for reminding me to be open to change in time and space. And, I will remember to look up to the heavens on March 28 and April 26.

    PS. I love the photo of you charting your course!

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    • Deser Virginia,

      I am so grateful for your support! Life and Sun City are enriched by your presence and I so appreciate and treasure our friendship.

      Your words are wise… often we are headed in a direction and don’t know how or why but it’s important to trust that we are being led each step of the way. We don’t always know how the story finishes nor are we meant to know. It does take a lot of faith to leap into the unknown.

      That photo of me looking at a map was taken by a friend; I did not know she was taking the picture! I had just sat down to rest and was reviewing the four mile hike I had just finished. It was a hike I had never done and it was challenging, but I kept putting one foot in front of the other and I got through it. Just like life—keep taking that next right step!



    • Dear Donna,

      I love hearing from you! You were and are the reason I continued with blogging. It was your help and inspiration that led me to continue down this path! I was about to give it up! If I did, I would never have written about the wonders that surround us and how we each play our part😁

      I admire you too and so appreciate all you contribute.

      My daughter moving away is a huge change but as I told her, my parents moved from Iowa and their families to the West Coast in the 1950s and took a huge risk. What fortitude and bravery. You and your husband took that risk when you took a position in China! What a change but what opportunities for growth!

      I’m looking forward to this next chapter of my life. It’s a big change for me but it came in its own right time. I might not have been ready two years ago; and I used to say “if my daughter moves away, it will prompt me to make some changes.” And then just like that, it happened!



    • Dear Maria,

      Thank you so much for your support of my writing! I am so honored to have you here as you always bring a fresh and positive perspective. That is why your yoga students love you so much.

      I love the idea that life can flow gracefully when we are at least in an attitude of acceptance! When we fight and snarl against the forces of nature and life, it makes for a bumpy ride!

      Love you,


  4. Susan, that is an extraordinary sighting of Venus, I will look for the next one and hope for a clear night. What a beautiful reminder of how very small we are in the context of the heavens. “Life is change, growth is optional” says a lot. Best of luck with your changes and choices.

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    • Dear Suzanne,

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I’m glad the uniqueness of that December evening comes across! I’m so glad I was privileged to witness it during an incredibly clear evening. I am in an area that normally gets socked in with fog so many special astronomical events are missed! That is one of the reasons why December 28th was so special. It’s something I don’t come across every day😁

      I know this next chapter in my life will be interesting. Life is never boring to be sure – and change keeps us on our toes.



  5. Susan, Lots of changes and growth opportunities in store for you and your family. You have the positive outlook and flexibility to embrace whatever comes your way so everything will work out well. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. The Venus sighting is amazing.

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    • Hi Natalie,

      I know I’m not unique in having to deal with changes – it’s life, right? I am a searcher, always searching for an underlying reality not affected by ripples on the surface. Thus, serenity is an inside job. I try my best to surrender and accept because fighting through life simply takes too much energy! Ha ha

      I so appreciate your words and support. Yes the Venus sighting was special and came at a time when a big change was happening for my daughter and me. Call me sentimental, but it was as if the heavens were lighting the way for us!



  6. Dear Susan, When I read your posts, I mentally prepare myself for a thought-provoking story. I also prepare for a life-changing experience. I prepare for a gift of words.

    Your initial photo is mesmerizing. All of your photos meld beautifully with your story. I know we are on the same planet, yet the sky does look different in different parts of the world. I have heard about an app that will tell us all about the night sky in the present moment where we live. I then read you shared “EarthSky” site. Bookmarked.

    Like you indicate, Susan, change is the only constant. Your other phrase that resonates with me is “meant to be.”

    Susan, you do shine your light and you remind me I shine my light, too. A beautiful reminder and I will cherish your words.

    Many gems and a great deal of wisdom in this post. Thank you! 💕🙏

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    • Dear E,

      When you comment I prepare myself for a gift of kindness, insight, and generosity. I want to be able to give back to you what you give to me so I wait for a quiet moment where I can sit and reflect on your lovely comment and write something thoughtful in return.

      I sit now in my daughters house, in my downstairs room, in bed at 6:30 AM holding a mug of steaming coffee. My daughter and children are in Texas right now visiting her husband and checking out the schools and their new home.

      The house is far too quiet for me and of course I ponder…why don’t I like being alone!?! (Although I LOVE my quiet early mornings!) Another day perhaps that topic might be addressed ha ha.

      Due to my living with my daughter and kids, I did not think I could sit down and get a February blog published, nor did I trust that the words would flow.
      But they did and I’m so grateful. I’m also grateful for your blogging friendship and support.

      I think life is to be enjoyed but I also think its deeper levels are meant to be explored and meditated upon. I am simply trying to share that journey of exploration and deeper seeking. It’s not an easy path but I’m on it for a reason and there is no turning back. Thanks for understanding and honoring where I am coming from! I deeply appreciate you reading and your lovely comment.


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      • Hi Susan, I wrote this note back to you yesterday and I didn’t have time to complete and send to you since we have had a flurry of activity around here:

        Susan, Your note is one of the first things I see on my laptop this morning.

        Along with a number of congratulations for the birth of my 4th grandchild, Liam last night, 8:23pm on 02/20/2020.

        I got to bed at 2am. Tired, yet overjoyed and overflowing with gratitude. All the little things in life pale in comparison to witnessing the miracle of birth.

        And, yes, Susan, I get it, “a journey of exploration and deeper seeking.” I am often delayed in my response to you for the same reasons you mention. I want to truly listen and absorb your writing and your comments. For some reason, we are on a similar wavelength.

        I am trying to stay away from the word “perfect,” yet Liam is a “Perfect” little child.

        I look forward to continued sharing and exploration, Susan. Have a wonderful week.xx 💕

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      • Congratulations on the birth of Liam! How exciting! A baby boy comes into your family and on an auspicious date: 2-20-20!! My daughter-in-law is hoping that her 4th son is born 3-20-20 before his due date of 3-29. I’m hoping the baby is born a bit early too as I’m leaving on 3-22 to the desert which from that point onward will be my home base.

        But of course, everything happens on its own timetable and it’s silly to try to force outcomes based on personal whims😄 (I.e., my selfishness at wanting to see my grandson before I move!) .

        I am so honored to have your lovely comment as you indeed have your plate full and I congratulate you and your family! A new baby always brings hope to the world.

        It’s funny how life turns out – had I known I was going to have nine grandchildren living in the San Francisco bay area, I might never have agreed to move to the desert in Southern California! Keeping my apartment up here as well as my vehicle was one way of having the freedom to be up here anytime I wanted. My daughter and husband and their three children leaving California was the push I needed to give up the expense of the apartment. I will figure it all out, how and when I see my mother and grandchildren. Mine is not an unique situation as many families live scattered about, but they are my heart and soul. Yet for the last ten years, it’s been all about taking care of my mother and taking care of family. My pregnant daughter-in-law said last night, “Nana, you really have not been able to retire!”

        Maybe my move to the desert will allow me to finally experience what retirement feels like. Am I ready? I don’t know!🙀

        At any rate, thank you for sharing the news with me and I am very happy for you and your family. Liam is Irish for William, and since I already have a grandson named William, I’m really curious what my son and wife are going to name their new baby boy. I’ll let you all know when it happens!


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      • Susan, I think we have discussed before how the moss will not grow under your feet. For the first time, from you, Susan, I heard how Liam is Irish for William. Is the new baby boy going to make it nine grandchildren? Sending love and good wishes for all taking place in your life. I look forward to hearing the seeing the rest of the story. xx 💕

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      • Dear E,

        Sorry I have not responded but I’ve been busy doing good deeds by staying home and helping my daughter organize for her move. I so longed to go about gallivanting but I bit the bullet ha ha. I treated myself to a spa day last Sunday so that was a good thing…and just what the Doctor ordered.

        I was just having tea with a friend the other night whose grandson is named Liam, but it turns out it’s a nickname for his real name, William. Her son is a William and her late husband was a William. What a great name. You are going to have so much fun with your first baby boy grandchild and I look forward to hearing all about the adventures and escapades!

        My new grandson will be my 9th – yes indeed! If he comes early I’ll be able to see him, but
        we’ll see what the UNIVERSE has to say about that. His Mom would like it though.

        More adventures await us, E/E!


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      • Hi Susan, Do not concern yourself about timing on comments. Life and family always comes first. I am in awe how some bloggers are immediately on top of comments. I find it usually impossible and we often have young children around requiring 100% of our attention.

        Liam is my second grandson. My daughter, Sara, just had Liam last week and she has a 22 month old son. My other daughter has 2 daughters. 4 Grandchildren for us in total. Good grief, it took me many words to get all of that out. Lol

        I am crossing my fingers for you on the birth of your grandson. Always a miracle and a blessing!💕

        I hope this week is more “good deeds” and possibly a “spa day” for you. Some of your spa days are just out for a good walk, Susan. Have a great week and I look forward to sharing our adventures! xx 💕

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    • PS, re my opening photo – the sky that night at dusk was a dark sapphire blue, and the crescent moon and Venus sparkled like brilliant diamonds against that backdrop. My photo doesn’t capture the full entrancing brilliance but I thought I would try any way and I’m glad I took the photo and wrote a blog around it…finally!

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  7. Wow! Another beautiful post!! I am so happy for you and your daughter and son-in-law and their family- how wonderful for them for their new adventure! I always enjoy your posts- such inspiring reading! Please keep in touch.

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    • Dear Bonny,

      Thank you for your friendship and support of this little blog! I share my heart and soul here so I am deeply grateful that it resonates with you.

      Life has already been a wonderful ride and it ain’t over yet! Here’s to more beautiful skies and brilliant shining moon and stars continuing to guide and light our way over Pacifica, Palm Desert…and Texas! And everywhere else as a matter of fact! 😁



  8. Thank you for this blog, Susan.
    Beautiful and inspirational. Enjoyed all
    the photos as well.
    Had a wonderful time enjoying nature and
    visiting with you over lunch today!❤️


    • Thank you Gail! I so appreciate you reading the blog and commenting! It’s been wonderful to travel part of this life with you, especially in this latter half where we start to get our act together and feel comfortable in our own skin. It was great to enjoy the bounty of the California coast with you yesterday!

      Here’s to a bright future, no matter what changes might come down the pike!



  9. Hey there, just now getting around to reading this. So much to comment on here. I feel like the older I get the harder I find change. I used To crave it, now I crave stability and routine with a bunch of adventure sprinkled in the middle. 😊.

    I am super happy for your daughter….acreage in TX will be lovely. I’m also excited for you. For once you can focus on YOU and the hubby and invent a new life together. From what I’ve read, you have some great Friends in Sun City. I also see how this could be stressful for you. All of a sudden you are full time in one location. I travel for work (And have for 25 years), so can totally relate. I sometimes worry about being bored when it comes time to retirement. Will Sean and I enjoy each other’s company? 24×7? Will I lose control over my time And therefore my life? I can come and go as I please when I’m on the road. I try not to worry about it, cuz I have a few years., but it still crosses my mind.

    I loved this post for many reasons ❤️

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      • Dear Pam

        Thanks for the note about the photos! I’m having so much fun coordinating photos with my text! I’m no photographer but it doesn’t matter. When a reader offers a comment about my photos as you did, I’m thrilled!

        I just uploaded a new photo to this blog so you can see what the moon and Venus looked like on the night of Thursday 2/26. The prime viewing time was supposed to be last night 2/27 but the skies were cloudy and photo ops not so ideal. But I thought it looked stunning 24 hours early and if you sneak another peak at the blog, I added the photo at the bottom! It was almost as mesmerizing as 12/28/19 but this time I got a shot from up on a hillside overlooking our town’s famous beach.



    • Dear Pam,

      I am so sorry to be late in replying to your awesome comment but I did something I am not used to — I stayed home for three straight days simply helping my daughter organize for her move. She had made little comments about my “gallivanting about” which I admit is true. If I see too much free time, I book a few appointments. But my appointments are good stuff— tea, lunch or dinner with a friend; perhaps a hike or walk squeezed in there.

      I was able to stay put because I had my daughter for company and we got things done and both felt a great deal of satisfaction. In addition, we were busy watching the crescent moon and Venus the last couple of nights. I wish I could post a photo here in my response but not sure if I can do that. I even got my grandkids on board and they yelled for me to come outside to see the “bright star” in the sky! I replied, that is no star, that is the planet Venus!

      I like to keep life and things interesting by changing it up so that is definitely on the horizon. As we age, what we need changes of course. So I know you will figure it all out in a way that is perfect for you and your husband. And I can’t wait to report back to readers on my progress dealing with life in one location! Maybe it’s time for me. I swear the happiest of times was when I was traveling back-and-forth between the Bay area and Palm Desert for eight years. It was exciting and kept me on my toes – but perhaps as you say it’s time for a bit more stability and routine. 😁



  10. Heartfelt, inspiring, authentic, and illustrated with perfect photos! You really touch my soul, Susan! You are right to show us how changes happen rapidly, and one has to be flexible to embrace the beneficial aspects. It sounds like your daughter and her family will land into a most beautiful life. And you helped to pave the way with love and care.

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    • Dear Suzette,

      I am so honored that you stopped by and am so deeply appreciative of your support. Change is never easy but opportunities for growth are there for the taking! It’s like that saying – growth is optional, choose wisely.

      I’ve watched you through the years, pedal to the metal so to speak – positive, courageous, enthusiastic! It’s not that we don’t vent during times of transition; it’s that we vent and charge ahead anyway.

      I’m feeling a bit unsettled these days knowing my daughter and three grandchildren are moving several states away. It’s a first in my nuclear family and I’m taking it a day at a time savoring the moments because soon things are going to change! It’s going to be a new life for them and for me!

      I wish you well dear Suzette.



  11. Susan,
    What a wonderful change of plans! You and your daughter seem to be good at going with the flow. Being flexible and adapting to the curveballs life throws at you is so important to emotional and mental health. Three generations of strong women in your family! Good examples for your grandchildren.

    The land in TX sounds perfect for your daughter and her family and now you are free to follow your own path once again.

    I love looking for Venus in the evening sky too, but my “guide” has always been Orion. My oldest son’s name is Ryan and when he was younger and traveling the world, I used to look up at the constellation and think “Oh, Ryan!” I worried about him and it gave me comfort to think that maybe we were looking at the same stars.

    Starry Night by van Gogh is probably my favorite painting. I love it!

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    • Dear Laurie,

      It certainly is an interesting turn of events to say the least. For the last 8 to 9 years, I have not really put my feet in one place on the ground for too long . Mostly this is due to the fact that I was working and serving others, such as my mother and grandchildren. But it was great while it lasted.

      In my weak moments I get nervous about how I’m going to address family needs in my new situation and then I remind myself that it will all unfold and work out. I could’ve kept my life going as it was , but I was struggling to make ends meet each month (by keeping apartment) so I really believe that Higher Power always presents solutions – if we are patient enough to trust in His guidance and time table.

      My middle son is named Ryan! And the three pyramids of Giza are aligned to Orion’s Belt. I will have to look up to the sky more often and try to find Orion. And I’ll think of your prayer to your son as my Ryan is expecting the birth of his fourth son this month! He is going to have his hands full: oldest boy is 15, then 12, and 9.

      I can’t thank you enough for reading and for your encouraging, supportive words!



  12. Good luck this year with all the changes ahead of you. It sounds like you are coming from a place of strength and will take it in stride and become even stronger. I thank you for the reminders to embrace and learn from change because I must admit I can always use a reminder.

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    • Hello,

      Welcome to Swooning Grace and thank you so much for reading and commenting. Your comment has made my day! Ever since I wrote this piece last month, the world has seen a lot of changes, hasn’t it!?! I’m applying my personal philosophy of “endeavoring” to keep a calm center whilst the world engages in madness! 🤪. Just today when visiting the doctor’s office, the Nurse Practioner told me that the office would keep bottles of hand sanitizer in the waiting room. All of those bottles have been stolen by visitors and patients.

      I know I can’t control much in this world, but I can do my best to control what I do and how I choose to live my life. At the end of the day, I have to live with myself and face myself in the mirror. I am only human and if I stumble, I’ll pick myself up and try again one day at a time, one minute at a time.

      I really do appreciate your comment and I know we can all use reminders. I love gentle reminders and not a sledgehammer over the head. Some changes come in small gentle doses, but some come like bulldozers! It’s life! My goal is indeed to become stronger, more accepting and keeping the faith all throughout. Even in my darkest moments , there always is a flicker of faith burning in my heart.

      I hope you have a beautiful day And should you have a need for hand sanitizer, I hope that it will be there for you if and when you need it 🙏❤️🙏



  13. Thank you for this kind and beautiful post, I myself am going through a life change as i enter a new chapter of my time here. I agree with the message of this piece that change is inevitable and should be embraced. To be honest i wish i would have learnt the lesson a little earlier, but I guess we all learn at our own pace. Also your photography is stunning.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Rhys,

      The changes that came into my life actually worked for my highest good! I feel so fortunate and blessed. And what I thought was going to be a six month period of living with my daughter and helping her out, turned out to be 2.5 months! I’ve been full time with my husband since mid-March and I feel as if I’m finally putting down roots. But what I thought was going to be the start of my wonderful and fun retirement phase was actually the start of my lockdown/quarantine phase. Aah, the universe has a warped sense of humor!

      There are so many lessons I wish I learned earlier than I did, but oh well. Better late than never. It’s true that we learn the lessons when we need to, or the teachers appear in our life at the right time.

      thanks for the thumbs up vote for the photography; I am by no means a photographer but I’m having so much fun fitting photos into my blogs. I never know how the blogs are going to unfold, ever; I trust sit down and hope it all comes together, words and photos.

      Rhys, I checked out your blog and it looked amazing with beautiful thoughts and photos but I couldn’t find a way to subscribe. I hope you get this note because I would love to subscribe to your thoughtful blog.

      With all sincere wishes and manifold blessings to you – it’s a pleasure to meet you.

      Susan Grace


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